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Neuronium music, that is to say, music composed by Michel Huygen , has just started a massive release in Japan of 40 albums of the 47 albums composed by Michel.

All albums have been remastered and have the legendary printing quality of Japanese manufacturing. The CDs are also available worldwide thru CDJAPAN (

Including these albums, you will find the new and final mixing of IN LONDON, the album recorded in London by Neuronium &Vangelis.

This new release contains the longer version of IN LONDON (After Hours) , never released previously as it is now on the release in Japan, and also worldwide from Germany (except Japan) , and for the very first time, IN LONDONĀ  by Neuronium & Vangelis will be released on vinyl !

The remix and remaster of IN LONDON for the German release has been done by Johannes Scheibenreif , the engineer who mixed and mastered the albums of Klaus Schulze.